Device fingerprint

The Oneytrust Device fingerprint identifies the connected device to your site by collecting dozens of information (browsers, plugins, screens, language …). The collection is transparent to the user and does not slow down his experience on your site.

Strengthen your fraud detection system by integrating machine features

Evaluate the device trust level

Scoring of hardware and browser features

Identify fraud networks

Tracking devices involved in serial fraud

Detect massive attacks

Alerting in case of abnormal use of a device over a period or in a given context

Foil the accounts thefts

Identifying legitimate users through their connection habits

Simplified installation

The integration of our java script on your pages only takes a few minutes. Our module is usable for web and mobile web browsing and compatible with all browsers.

Benefits of Device fingerprint

Oney Trust is the only player with a CNIL agreement in France

Data hosted in France

Strengthening the scoring of the transaction

Passive data collection

Without any impact on the customer experience

Calculation of the fingerprint <10 ms

Start using our Device fingerprint