Digital Review

Divide your manual reviews by 2 and increase the quick acceptance of orders.
Digital Review is a virtual investigator who gathers data provided by the client (e-mail, phone, address …) performs powerful automatic researches to calculate a reliability score of a profile.
Depending on the score obtained, Digital Review may recommend:
To accept the order immediately
To keep it in manual review

Simplify your fraud management

With Digital Review no need to recruit new fraud analysts. Free yourself from constraints:
  • No additional human cost
  • Avoid complex recruitment and training


Decrease the order validation time

Focus investigators on complex fraud cases

Improve the customer experience

Worldwide use

Benefits of Digital Review


Billing to success (transaction validation)

A solution developed on the basis of 10 years of experience and millions of surveys conducted by experts

Suitable for the detection of false profiles including outside the e-commerce

A self-learning solution based on data enrichment

A solution that tends towards the automation of your back office

Decrease your manual reviews