A figure to secure your turnover!

Concentrate on your sales, we guarantee the reliability of your orders!

How does Score work?

Device fingerprint

Strengthen your fraud detection system by integrating machine features.

Device Fingerprint identifies the connected device to your site by collecting dozens of information (browsers, plugins, screens, language …).
This collect is transparent for the user and does not slow down his experience on your site.

We identify the customer profile as quickly as possible by analyzing the order data and assigning it a pre-score.

Use strong 3D Secure authentication only when necessary.

Upon the validation of the basket, detect fraudulent payment attempts and offer payment by credit card or in one click to your other customers.

We continue our investigation in order to secure the transaction as much as possible
and make the right decision.

Finalize your orders without any impact on the purchase tunnel even for high baskets.

Take advantage of our expertise in automatic detection and fraud behavior modeling.


Our virtual investigator uses the data provided by the client (e-mail, phone, address …) to perform powerful automatic researches to determine a reliability score of a profile.

A team deals with major risk transactions. Its objective is to investigate the operating modes in order to verify that the customer is at the origin of the order.

Satisfied or refunded!